Like most good things in life, making good beer takes time.

At Susegado, we respect the quality natural ingredients that go into making our beer, and give them the time they need to make the perfect beer.

The malt is milled just right and we coax the natural barley enzymes to wake up and convert the starch into a delicious blend of sugars by adding water at just the right temperature. Its already a tasty beverage by this stage, but we know it can be better!

The wort is brought to a rolling boil, during which we add a variety of hops at precise intervals to balance the malt sweetness with the extracted hops bitterness. Of course, there is no forgetting the aroma, come anywhere close to the brewery and you'll want to sit down and take it all in - this is our favourite part of the brewing process.

And finally for the star of the brewing process: yeast.

We absolutely indulge our yeast by letting it flourish and grow in the oxygenated hopped wort that has taken us over six hours to brew. During the three weeks of fermentation and conditioning, we keep the yeast entertained with top Goan musicians playing live music to it twice a week.
Susegado time!

We give our ingredients the time that they need to make the perfect beer; please give the beer the time it deserves to be properly enjoyed.